Q&A: Teddy Doherty

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February 21, 2013 by conteconfidential

Last week, standout defenseman Teddy Doherty fulfilled his dream of winning a Beanpot for his hometown team, the Boston College Eagles. That accomplished, the freshman is now focused on a dream that he’s had since the day his uncle, Marty Hughes, took him into the BC locker room after the Eagles won the national championship in 2001. He wants one to call his own, and, if the Eagles repeat, he will play a huge part in it. Conte Confidential sat down Doherty to talk all things hockey, including the Beanpot, Jerry York, the injury to Patch Alber and how BC has been a part of his life since he was six.

1) How have you adjusted to the college game? Was it tough fitting into the BC style of play? How do you like BC?

Well, I basically grew up watching BC, my uncle played here in 2001, so I knew the kind of style that they played, which helped me coming in. Also, last year I played in the USHL, which helped me with the transition to college. Overall though, it’s really helpful when you have a good group of guys who sort of let you in and show you the way.

2) What made you pick BC?

It’s always been my dream. I mean, I had other schools interested, but given the whole program, including Jerry York, it was an easy decision. I wanted to be able to say that I played for my hometown team, and I wanted to play in the Beanpot, which I grew up watching since I was six years old. Like I said, this was an easy choice for me.

3) What’s it like playing for Jerry York?

He’s just the best; there is no one better than him. He teaches you the fundamentals, but outside of hockey he harps on the little things. Not in a bad way: he wants us to be clean-shaven, to get a haircut, to be the “little men” on campus so we blend in with everyone else. The emphasis on the little things is what I think makes us successful.

4) What was it like winning your first of hopefully many Beanpots? How were those games?

Dream come true. It was the best moment of my life. Like I said, I grew up watching it since I was six years old, and it was always my dream to win a Beanpot, and now we have the opportunity to win more.


Doherty has shown potential as a puck-moving defenseman (photo credit: Lizzy Bayoff)

5) When Northeastern climbed to within one, what was the feeling like on the bench?

We’re always positive because Coach York stresses that. There is no negativity on our bench.

6) When Patch Alber went down, the freshman defensemen had to step up, with you and Mike Matheson being a big part of that. Can you talk a little bit about having to take on extra responsibility and ice time after his injury?

Patch Alber was obviously one of our top defensive guys. Coming into this year, we knew we’d have to rely on the older guys, but regardless we knew that us freshmen had to step up; we have to contribute. We knew we couldn’t step back and be passive. Mike Matheson has been playing great all year; he’s an unbelievable player. I learn a lot from him. He’s been a good leader for us.

7) BC obviously had a rough weekend, playing in two overtime games, one a heartbreaking loss to Merrimack and the other a tie to UNH. How do you and the team plan to bounce back from the two huge games on Sunday and Tuesday?

I thought we played well both games. At Merrimack, we got into a little bit of penalty trouble throughout the entire game. The penalty kill, though, was great, especially playing in a hostile environment. In fact, I thought we played pretty well overall in a hostile environment. The one goal in overtime was fluky. It happens. At home on Sunday, we got a lead, but we have to make sure we hold it. The defense had a little bit of a letdown in that third period. We’re going to work on it this week in practice.

8) Any game-day routines?

Oh yeah, I have my routines. Have to get to the rink same time every day, eat with the same people (I eat with Johnny Gaudreau), take naps at the same time, soccer with the guys at the same time, etc. The routine helps me focus.

9) What does this team have to do or improve on in order to effectively defend their title?

The first thing, defense has to improve. When you lose [Brian] Dumoulin, [Tommy] Cross and [Edwin] Shea, that’s huge. Now that they’re gone, though, we have to work hard. We’re scoring goals; we just have to keep the puck out of the net. We work on defense every week, and we’re fortunate enough to have one of the best goaltenders in the nation in Parker Milner. He bails us out when we make mistakes, but we can’t let that happen too often.


Doherty has tallied one goal and 12 assists so far (photo credit: Lizzy Bayoff)

10) You played hockey at Shattuck-Saint-Mary’s in high school. The place speaks for itself given that NHLers like Sidney Crosby and Zach Parise came out of there. What did you learn there that you’ve applied to your game this year? Do you think playing there has helped you adjust to Division I play faster?

My last coach there, Tom Ward, was incredible, and he taught me a lot of the stuff we need to know about hockey. Clock management, hockey IQ, stuff you wouldn’t think of too much but it was really helpful. The education was phenomenal, and I compare it to here a lot.

11) Your uncle was a member of the 2001 national championship team, and I’m told you were in their locker room after they won their first national championship since 1949. How was that? Did it impact your decision to come here?

I was down there after we won, touched the trophy, took pictures with it and such. That game was the most memorable game ever for me. It was unbelievable to see the celebration; I just remember it making a bit impact on me.

12) Favorite NHL team and player?

The Bruins, of course, and Brad Marchand. He works really hard, he’s awesome.

13) Stanley Cup pick?

Bruins vs. Ducks in five games, Bruins win. Though the Rangers are right up there.

14) What’s your favorite memory of the year so far?

That game at home against BU when I got my first goal. Or the Notre Dame game, the fans were unbelievable. It’s cool to get two wins against two big opponents, and I love it when the fans are there screaming and yelling. There’s nothing like it.

15) What’s your favorite thing/hobby to pass the time besides hockey?

TV shows, my roommate Pete [McMullen] and I watch “Lost.” That and lots of NHL games. We all hang out and watch those.

Interview by John Grosso


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